andrew sheldon

For over a decade Andrew Sheldon has played a pivotal role in the drive to promote renewable energy in the UK, specifically in the form of heat pumps.
While working for British Gas, Andrew became acutely aware of the importance of energy and the effect it has on people’s lives. As Britain’s gas resources decreased, it became obvious to Andrew that at some point in the future the UK would need a viable and sustainable alternative solution.

In researching how other countries dealt with their heating demands, Andrew discovered ground source heat pumps, becoming convinced that ground source heating was the long-term solution to the UK’s inevitable domestic fuel heating problem. Andrew therefore launched his company Ice Energy Technologies which has been largely responsible for the development of the heat pump market in the UK. In addition to becoming a leading force in the promotion of heat pumps, the sheer volume of sales generated by Ice Energy Technologies has positioned them firmly as the UK’s leading renewable energy heating company and importantly, has been instrumental in tackling the UK’s carbon reduction target as a whole.
Andrew has worked tirelessly to promote heat pump technology not only to prospective clients, but at senior levels of Government. So compelling has been Andrew’s argument for the introduction of renewables across the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron was moved to visit Ice Energy Technologies the day after the Consumer Spending Review to find out more about heat pump technology.
Such is Andrew’s passion and belief in renewables, he has been a key driver in the construction of Government renewable energy grant schemes helping to shape the industry as a whole via work with the Micropower Council, DECC and the Energy Saving Trust. He has also played a key role in ensuring working standards are adhered to for the benefit and protection of consumers via work with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and insists on only providing MCS accredited products and installers within his own business.
Andrew has always seen the bigger picture and continues to campaign for renewable energy for the masses which over the years has extended beyond the domestic market to social housing and a section of the community arguably at most risk from the growing threat of fuel poverty. Andrew and the team at Ice Energy Technologies have therefore fostered a solid working relationship with a number of local authorities, housing associations and registered social landlords over the years securing large amounts of funding for such groups to install renewables across their housing stock which has benefitted thousands of tenants across the UK.
Today Andrew shows no sign of slowing down believing the issues he first raised over a decade ago are still as relevant today as they were then in terms of ensuring sustainable fuel supplies for the future. To that end, Andrew continues to work closely with the relevant trade organisations and Governmental working parties, always seeking new ways to deliver the message that renewable energy is the way forward and should be available for everyone to benefit from.

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