Selecting the right products and materials for any part of your home improvement project is as vital as choosing the right people to help you build it. So when it comes to selecting your heating system, why settle for anything less than the best?

Ice Energy Technologies in partnership with Mitsubishi Electric offer a range of award-winning heat pumps designed to deliver low-cost, high-efficiency, total heating and hot water systems and a level of comfort and reliability you've never experienced before.

How do Heat Pumps work?

Heat Pumps have been extensively used across Europe, particularly Scandinavia for many, many years and in temperatures much lower than our own.  Heat pumps provide a total heating and hot water solution for any home using renewable energy as an alternative to dangerous and expensive fossil fuels.

By extracting heat from beneath the ground (ground source heat pumps) or from the air around us (air source heat pumps) , heat pumps use a very simple process to increase this low grade heat to a temperature suitable for providing all of your heating and hot water demands. As heat pumps simply move energy rather than creating it they can be up to four times more efficient than a traditional boiler system.

Choosing a heat pump system also helps to lower your carbon footprint so you can do your bit for the planet without it costing you the Earth.

Freedom to design your home your way

Although heat pumps work extremely well with radiator systems, they are at their most efficient when combined with underfloor heating which also allows you the freedom to design your home exactly as you wish. Instead of being hampered by radiators taking up space in your rooms, an underfloor system gives you complete freedom on where you locate furniture and requires no maintenance.

Get paid to heat your home!

Heat pumps qualify for a government incentive scheme called the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This means you can receive quarterly payments direct to your bank account which are tax-free, index-linked and guaranteed for 7 years! This is something you simply cannot get by installing a traditional boiler system in your home.

Remote Monitoring

MELCloud is a new Cloud-based solution for controlling your heat pump either locally or remotely by PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone via the internet. You can view and control your heating and hot water from anywhere in the world; see the amount of energy used and heat produced, and manage your settings including a holiday mode. 

Advice from the people you can trust

With 16 years experience in the design, specification and installation of heat pumps and with more heat pump installations than all of our competitors,  you couldn't choose a better company than Ice Energy to provide your heat pump solution. Our design team will work with you to design and implement both your heat pump and underfloor heating solution, ensuring the two systems work together seamlessly to deliver warmth and comfort whatever the weather. And with lifetime technical support and industry-leading guarantees for additional peace of mind, why would you choose anyone else?

Find out more 

If you would like to learn more about the range of heat pumps we provide, simply call us on 0808 145 2340 or complete the short form on the right of this page for a free, no obligation quotation.

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