Our Customer Service Performance

At Ice Energy we have always valued customer feedback as it has helped us understand where we are not only doing well, but areas that we need to improve upon. Although we have historic information, as of August 2014 we have made changes to our survey questionnaire which is more relevant to the current standards of practice so consider what changes we need to make to try and keep focused on delivering  service that is robust and ensures that our existing and new customers can be confident in their purchase with us.

We believe that transparency is always the best way to make improvements and it is something that we pride ourselves on being able to do honestly in the pursuit of always being the market leader in renewable technologies.

Below are some graphs representing the feedback over this duration. 

Should anyone wish to ever discuss any issues or have any thoughts please contact Toni Ball (Customer Services Manager) on 01865 884 978 or email tball@iceenergy.co.uk