The main focal point of the Ice Energy  solar photovolatic (solar PV) offering is the importance of specialist design, the use of high quality components and experienced specialist installers. It's our view that when it comes to your home, it's imperative that the calculations are completely accurate; there's simply no room for error. Lower quality or an insufficient quality of fixings on the roof could reduce the life expectancy of the system or potentially compromise the structural integrity of the roof. Conversely, too many fixings on a roof might be better structurally for the building, but increases the risk of water ingress.

With an Ice Energy solar PV installation, homeowners can be sure we don't take any shortcuts at any stage of our design or installation, ensuring each system is individually tailored for every customers home and roof. In addition, we also hand pick the best inverter that maximises solar harvest unique to each home in order for our customers to maximise their investment.

Finally, for complete peace of mind, all our solar PV systems are installed by specialist and experienced individuals who really care about what they do.

The Ice Energy Solar PV Process

As part of our specification and design service, we'll undertake a specialist survey and shade analysis to ensure the system we provide will provide the performance you expect.

Using specialist software we'll also undertake 3D shading modelling and analysis.

You'll also receive receive:

A fixing calculation
A fixing specification
A layout design
An inverter design

While we take care of the scaffold planning in preparation for your installation.

Solar PV Install Process

The solar Pv Install process depending on the type of property the system is designed for.

New Build
For new build properties there are usually four visits excluding survey - 2 x roof and 2 x electrical:

  • First fix roof hooks installed
  • Roof equipment ordered
  • Second fix roof install rails and panels
  • First fix electric cable installed between inverter and meter cupboard
  • Second fix electric install meters, inverter and commission
  • Commissioning paperwork sent to Ice Energy
  • G83 application form submitted

Existing property 
For existing properties there are usually two visits:

  • Scaffold erected at least two days prior (ideally)
  • Roof and electrical works installed over two days
  • Commissioning paperwork sent to Ice Energy
  • G83 application form submitted