Recognising a space in the market for a ground source heat pump available in sizes from 5kW to 22kW on a single phase power supply, Ice Energy can now supply this unique ground source heat pump into the UK market.

EcoForest Ground Source Heat Pumps - The Company

The EcoForest group of companies was incorporated in Vigo in 1959 and has been a major force in the research and development of ecological and economic heating and cooling products ever since.

Currently EcoForest is the market leader in Spain with the widest range of air, water and ducted air heaters, and is present in 14 countries. Its R&D department continues to innovate every day, developing more advanced and more efficient products.


EcoForest Ground Source Heat Pumps - Features

  • Scroll compressor with built-in copeland inverter
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Variable speed, high efficiency circulator pumps (class A)
  • Alfa laval asymmetric plate heat exchangers
  • Carel Micro PC control
  • Closed hot water production system
  • Modular configuration
  • Independent control strategies

Compact and efficient, the ecoGEO B heat pump is an ideal solution for projects requiring a high heat load but where a three-phase electricity supply is not an option.