Only LEGACY applicants for the Renewable Heat Incentive need to act now.

If you are an owner of a ground or air source heat pump installed between July 15th 2009 and April 9th 2014 you MUST register for RHI payments before midnight on April 8th 2015.

This does NOT affect anyone who has installed a heat pump since the scheme launched on April 9th 2014.

An up to date Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for eligible new builds is required or a Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) for existing builds.

If you do not currently have either of these documents, you must act now. To find an assessor local to you, please follow this link:

When ready to submit your application please use this link:

Providing your heat pump system has been commissioned and you meet the scheme eligibility criteria, you can submit your RHI application via the following link:

Please have to hand your MCS Certificate (provided by Ice Energy) and an EPC or Green Deal Assessment (provided by a registered assessor NOT Ice Energy).

Our After Sales team is currently experiencing a large volume of calls regarding the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive so we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions which you can see below. If these FAQ's do not immediately answer your particular query, you can contact the RHI Enquiry Team on 0300 003 0744 or via email

If you still need to get in touch with Ice Energy we would ask that you complete the contact us form, a link to which you can find here. Please ensure that you complete as much information as possible within the form and importantly, include your customer reference number so we can deal with your enquiry effectively.

Q: Which renewable energy systems qualify for domestic RHI payments?

A: Ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps qualify to receive domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments. The short video in the top right of your screen explains this in more detail.

Q: How do the domestic RHI payments work?

A: Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive payments are issued quarterly in arrears and will vary depending on the renewable energy technology you have installed as well as the amount of renewable energy heating your system produces.

Q: Can I still receive domestic RHI payments if I installed my heat pump before the scheme launched?

A: Unfortunately, systems installed prior to July 15th 2009 are not eligible for RHI support. If you have any specific questions around this date, we recommend speaking directly to ESAS who are currently handling queries on behalf of Ofgem on 0300 123 1234.

Q: How do I apply for the domestic RHI?

A: Below is the list of things you will require in order to make an application for the RHI:

  • MCS certificate - Ice Energy will send you this with your handover documents following commission of heat pump
  • EPC [energy performance certificate] – you can find an assessor locally, e.g. at an estate agency, or online
  • Internet access – click here  to complete the online application, or
  • Telephone - RHI helpline on 0300 0030744
  • You must make your application within 12 months of commissioning

Don't worry, if you have any issues during the application process, we will be on hand to help.

Q: Do I need metering to receive domestic RHI payments?

A: The short video below explains the rules around metering in respect of domestic RHI payments. 

Q: I haven't received my MCS certificate yet - when will this be issued?

A: This is issued as part of your handover pack around two weeks following commissioning of your heat pump.

Q: How much will I receive in RHI payments?

A: This will vary depending on the heat load of your property and the type of heat pump installed. When you receive a quotation from Ice Energy, it will include a section on the RHI payments you are likely to receive.

The domestic RHI is payable for 7 years and is tax-free and index-linked!