Having over 35 years experience in the field, Systemair have provided us with a number of FAQ's they believe will help answer some of the queries you may have about Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems.

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Q: I've heard MVHR systems don't work well with heat pumps; is that true?

A: One of the largest misconceptions about MVHR systems is that they are an alternative to a heat pump, however, Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems don’t produce their own heat, they just recover heat that may have been lost throughout the house. MVHR systems can help keep your energy bills down due to the fact that less heat is being lost, and therefore meaning that the heat pump won’t have to work as hard to keep your home warm.

Q: Are MVHR systems noisy?

A: A badly designed ducting system will cause air turbulence, and therefore noise. But, properly designed ducting systems, like the ones Systemair will offer you, will have “attenuators”, effectively a means of silencing the system, at strategic places, as well as using varying duct sizes to balance air flow, to keep the noise to a bare minimum.

Q: Do I need trickle vents and extractor fans?

A: No. MVHR takes care of all the ventilation requirements for the property meeting 2010 building regulations part F. 

Q: How often do I need to change the filters?

A: We recommend the filters are changed once a year to maintain optimum performance. For convenience the controller will also indicate when the filters need replacing.

Q: At what point in the build do I need to consider installing the MVHR system?

A: We recommend the ducting is installed at first fix and if possible be the first trade in at this stage. However to get to this point the design process we offer would ideally have started 6-8 weeks prior. The more time available to complete the design, the better as this will reduce the risk of any delays on site.

Q: Do I need a cooker hood if I install one of your MVHR systems?

A: Yes, as the air will need to be filtered to prevent grease build up within the MVHR system ductwork and heat exchanger. We recommend a re-circulating cooker hood as this filters the air but keeps the heat within the kitchen environment. Our extract point(s) in the kitchen will then utilise this heat within the MVHR system.

Q: Do we need a register/valve in every room?

A: No, there are no registers in the hallway, landing or vestibule areas as these are neither wet areas with stale air nor living areas where people reside for any length of time. These spaces are transit areas allowing air to move from one room to another.

Q: Can I have MVHR with a log burner?

A: Yes, but the log burner will require its own fresh air supply in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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