Having installed a significant number of solar photovoltaic (solar PV) systems across the UK, we have been asked all manner of questions about our solar photovoltaic service ranging from how the solar panels are installed to how to qualify for the Feed in Tariff.

The following FAQ for solar photovoltaic (solar PV) systems should answer all your queries but if you do require more information, please contact us FREE on 0808 145 2340.

Q: How important is the efficiency of a solar PV panel?

A: Efficiency of your solar PV panel should be a consideration but should not be the overriding aspect when considering solar PV. If a solar photovoltaic (solar PV) panel produces 250w at 20% efficiency it will have a smaller area than a 250w panel operating at 10% efficiency. The performance guarantee is more important because that will safeguard your investment in the solar photovoltaic equipment for the entire 25 years.

Q: How important is the pitch of my roof?

A: Roof pitch is an important aspect of any solar photovoltaic installation. Many roofs have a pitch between 30 and 40 degrees which is optimised for the whole year in terms of the amount of sunlight it is exposed to.  If the roof pitch is steeper than 35 degrees it would be optimised for winter production of solar photovoltaic renewable energy and one with a shallower pitch is optimised for summer conditions.  

Q: How important is the orientation of my roof?

A: As with roof pitch, the direction a roof faces is another important aspect of a solar PV installation. If a roof faces due east or due west it will generate approximately 20% less electricity than the same sized roof orientated due south. 
The most important factor to consider is over-shading from trees or other buildings which by blocking the amount of direct sunlight can reduce the energy output by over 50% compared to an un-shaded location.

Q: My roof is shaded in the morning or evening, how will that affect my electricity generation?

A: This is of much less significance than a roof shaded during the middle of the day and can often be quite acceptable.

Q: Company FAQ for solar photovoltaic (solar PV) systems

A: When considering any type of renewable energy product, the skills and experience of the company providing the product is a vital consideration, particularly in the field of solar photovoltaic (solar PV) systems which has seen an influx of supposed experts appearing out of the blue.

Q: How long has your company been trading?

A: Ice Energy has been supplying heat pumps for over a decade and has built a respected position within the renewable energy industry. Using the experience gained during that time we have been able to seamlessly extend our proposition to include solar photovoltaic (solar PV) systems.

Q: Are you MCS accredited?

A: When installing solar PV systems it is vital that the company doing so has the relevant accreditation. We have partnered with a highly experienced solar PV installation company who are fully accredited under the Microgeneration certification Scheme (MCS). This is particularly important in relation to the Feed-in-Tariff as to qualify, installation must have been conducted by a company who is MCS accredited.

Q: Do you provide a warranty on your solar panels?

A: We supply solar photovoltaic (solar PV) panels which are issued with a 25 year performance warranty as standard providing complete peace of mind.

Q: Planning permission for FAQ for solar photovolatic (solar PV) systems

A: Planning permission is an issue often raised by people considering solar PV. In most situations, PV panels have permitted development rights and as such do not require planning permission. However, we would always recommend you contact your local planning department for confirmation of this.

Q: Feed-in-Tariff FAQ for solar photovoltaic (solar PV) systems

A: Solar photovoltaic (solar PV) systems and the Feed-in-Tariff go hand in hand and naturally we have received a range of queries regarding this initiative. You can find our more detailed information within our Feed-in-Tariff pages.

Q:Who will provide my Feed-in-Tariff payments?

A: It is most convenient to engage your current electricity supplier as your Feed-in-Tariff supplier but not compulsory. All the big six energy suppliers are obliged to offer you a Feed-in-Tariff contract and all their rates are exactly the same.

Q: How do I apply for the Feed-in-Tariff?
A: Contact your chosen supplier and ask for their Feed in Tariff application form. Ice Energy will provide all the supporting documentation required to accompany your completed application once your Solar PV panels are installed and working.