The groundworks for heat pumps are a vital part of any heat pump installation. There are many heat pump misconceptions and a number of these focus on what is required in relation to groundworks for heat pumps. At Ice Energy, we want to provide clear information on the options available as our overall aim is to provide the best and most cost-effective solution for you although it’s important to remember that the options will vary depending on the amount of land and the budget available.

Groundworks for Heat Pumps - The Ground Loop

The main objective of the groundworks for heat pumps is to accommodate the ground loop. The ground loop is a series of pipes buried in the garden where the temperature is fairly constant between 10˚C and 13˚C. The ground loop contains a water and glycol (a type of antifreeze) mix at a low temperature which is gently warmed by the surrounding soil and in this way, captures the heat which is used by the heat pump. 

Straight Ground Loops

The simplest ground loop method consists of a single straight out and return line. It often consists of several loops brought together with a manifold which is known as a Straight Ground Loop. 

Slinky Ground Loops

Slinky ground loops are most typically specified for ground source heat pumps as they reduce the amount of land needed. A loop is created meaning energy is extracted from a smaller area therefore it’s very important to know how to plan the groundworks for heat pumps correctly so that the ground loop is installed properly and the stored heat within the ground is not depleted. Because of the many years of experience we have gained and the sheer number of projects on which we have worked, Ice Energy is ideally placed to offer the best advice and support during this process giving you the peace of mind the ground loop has been specified and installed correctly for the most efficient results.

Groundworks for Heat Pumps - Boreholes

As an alternative solution to slinky or straight ground loop systems, Boreholes are another method employed within the groundworks for heat pumps, particularly when very little land is available.  The borehole is designed and specified to provide sufficient energy collection from the ground to allow the ground source heat pump to operate efficiently. The location of the boreholes is always site specific and the depth of the borehole will be dependent on several variables including the heat load of the house and the geology of the ground. At Ice Energy we use our extensive experience to ensure that all relevant factors are taken into consideration during the specification process. We will also undertake geological surveys to determine exactly what is required for your project giving you the confidence the groundworks for heat pumps have been correctly specified throughout. 

You can find more information about boreholes on our Boreholes for Heat Pumps page.