Heat Pump Case Studies: Ground Source Heat Pump in East Sussex

Property type: Detached timber-frame house, originally built in 1985

Product installed: Ice Energy IVT HT Plus E9 ground source heat pump

Distribution system: Underfloor heating system with radiators upstairs

Previous heating system: Electric radiators

Installation date: Ground source heat pump commissioned July 2012

In July 2012, East Sussex residents Jason & Mel Lundin had their Ice Energy Ground Source Heat Pump commissioned as part of a retrofit project of their detached timber-framed home. One year on, the Lundin's are enjoying trouble-free heating from their heat pump which distributes heat around their home via a combination of radiators and an Ice Energy underfloor heating system.

What prompted you to investigate ground source heat pumps?
"Rising fuel costs and the impact on the planet. Grant schemes helped but honestly we do have a desire to go 'off grid' if possible.

How did you find the installation process?
"Ice Energy were very professional and informative, bearing with us during the long process of retrofitting the house which took place between September 2011 and June 2012.

"The ground loop for the heat pump is buried in 3 x 20 metre trenches and as part of the installation we put in radiators upstairs and installed an Ice Energy underfloor heating system on the ground floor."

What has it been like living with your ground source heat pump?
"Very easy. We've done a bit of fine tuning and have had to phone for advice once or twice but as a general rule it has run itself.

"We have had no problem at all with the heat pump which works fine and we are very happy with it."

What would you say are the benefits of ground source heat pumps?
"I have more peace of mind that we are not drawing so heavily on non-renewable sources which does worry me. I know that here is very little that can break so I think that is also reassuring. Obviously the cost savings are a Brucie bonus!"

Why did you choose Ice Energy as your heat pump provider?
"Ice Energy were most friendly, informative and weren't a hard sell. Also, friends of ours had used Ice Energy and had a very positive experience."

What has the service been like from Ice Energy and would you recommend them to others?
"The service we have had from Ice Energy has been outstanding.  Theirs is a good product and as I say they have always provided very, very good service.

"The Ice Energy staff have always been very helpful, very knowledgeable and have always got back to us. I would very definitely recommend them."

Solutions Used

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