Heat Pump Case Studies: Heat Pump, Floor Heating & PV

Property type: 3 bedroom, detached private bungalow built in 2010

Product installed: Ice Energy IVT HT Plus E11 ground source heat pump with underfloor heating & solar PV

Distribution system: Ice Energy underfloor heating system 

Installation date: Ground source heat pump commissioned November 2010

In 2010, East Midlands resident Mr. Daniel Hadley built a 3 bedroom bungalow with 3 bathrooms to his own design. Having been recommended heat pumps by a friend and also as a result of rising energy costs and environmental impact, Mr. Hadley installed a ground source heat pumpunderfloor heating and a solar PV system from Ice Energy.

What prompted you to investigate ground source heat pumps?
"I wanted to build a comfortable home near to my daughter's residence and decided to consider heat pumps after they were originally recommended to me by a fishing friend in Norway. Rising costs and environmental issues also played a part in my decision."

How did you find the installation process?
"The installation process was fine, taking approximately 6 weeks."

What has it been like living with your heat pump?
"I found the original settings set by the Ice Engineer on the low side but having been adjusted, I have not had any further problems."

What impact has your heat pump had on running costs?
"I had gas and electric in my previous house and although this is a larger dwelling, the overall costs are around 70% of my previous costs."

What would you say are the benefits of ground source heat pumps?
"In addition to the benefits of cost savings, comfort and peace of mind, not having the bother of gas checks every year has been a further advantage. Would I go for a heat pump again if the need arose? Most definitely."

Why did you choose Ice Energy as your heat pump provider?
"I interviewed a number of companies but felt most comfortable with the representatives from Ice Energy."

What has the service been like from Ice Energy and would you recommend them to others?
"Initially there was an issue with the machine which took some time to be rectified however I have recommended Ice Energy to others since and will continue to do so."

Solutions Used

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