Ground Source Heat Pump and Solar PV in Essex Retrofit Project


Property type: Detached house in Essex

Products installed: IVT E11 Ground Source Heat Pump, slinky ground loop system in 3 x 50m trenches, 200m pipe each trench + 50m manifolds to house.  Solar PV, 12 panels, 2.2kW

Installation date: July2011

RHI benefit: £38,422 total over 7 years, along with £1,106 - £1,142 per year from the Feed-in-Tariff 

Distribution system: Radiators, sized larger in order to suit the low flowing heat pump temperatures

Peter Livingstone set out with a project in mind to save energy costs, whilst having a reliable source of energy. His detached house, located in Essex, was built in 1933 with a 60% extension added in 1985. Read on to see how having a ground source heat pump has benefited Peter in various ways.

How did you find the installation process?
"Reasonably easy (after the first trench) and trouble free."

Have you an example of the cost savings your system has produced so far? 
"The boiler needed replacing so that cost was avoided (say £2,000), oil cost was running at about £2,000 pa (although would be less now with the reduction in oil price). The overall electricity usage was almost identical to that prior to installation due to Solar PV effect. The PV feed-in-tariff gives £1,106 to £1,142 per year, while the ground source heat pump RHI payment is £5,489 pa for 7 years from 2014 (£38,422 total)"

How have you found living with your system?
"The system performs well and meets our expectations and requirements; we use a wood burner in the coldest temperatures to boost the system.  We have undertaken some minor adjustments which were all easy to do."

What benefits do you feel your renewable energy system has afforded you?
"It avoids the need for an oil tank and oil deliveries, virtually maintenance free, significant cost savings have already been listed above.  No fumes and flue to sweep."

What prompted you to investigate renewable energy systems?
"The failure of present boiler, rising oil prices, delivery reliability, grant schemes, carbon reduction."

What made you choose Ice Energy to provide your system?
"Ice Energy showed a major presence on the internet and were willing to quote for a system, while others said our property was not suitable."

What has the service been like from Ice Energy?
"Very good."

Would you recommend Ice Energy to others?
"Yes, and have done."