Ground Source Heat Pump in South East Wales Retrofit Project

Ice Energy Case Study Front of House

Property type: A Major Renovation Project on a 1950's House in South East Wales

Product installed: IVT 11kW E11 ground source heat pump system (single phase) with 800m of slinky installed in 4 x 50m trenches. Trench width 1.2m and trench depth 1m.

Installation date: 2014 - Installed over an elapse time of 6 month period (i.e. not fully time)

Distribution system: Underfloor heating downstairs (each room zone controlled). Over sized double panel radiators upstairs (each room zone controlled).

Previous heating system: Combi Oil Boiler

Cost savings: Approximately £1200 per year saving compared to pre-renovated house. Note: House is now 40% larger but with improved insulation. 

With the plan to reduce energy bills and become more environmentally friendly, David Marles installed an Ice Energy ground source heat pump in his home in South East Wales. Read on to find out more.

What prompted you to investigate renewable energy systems?
"The main reasons were rising fuel prices, carbon reduction and the potential of receiving RHI payments."

Have you applied for the RHI and how did you find the application process?
"Yes. Straight forward."

How did you find the installation process? 
"Very straight forward. The installation guide and technical support offered by Ice Energy was excellent. I undertook all the ground work and plumbing myself." 

How have you found living with your system?
"The system is excellent and needs little intervention.  During the first winter I did make some very minor changes to the settings after speaking to the technical support team.  In theory no further changes are required. 

"The house is always warm and with the temperature compensation feature, the colder it is outside the hotter the floor and radiators are inside."

What benefits do you feel your renewable energy system has afforded you?
"The main benefits are the energy cost saving and the RHI payment. Other benefits include not having to store and buy large quantities of oil. Especially as oil theft is common."  

What made you choose Ice Energy to provide your system?
"Recommendation of a family member that has installed many Ice Energy heat pumps, both ground and air source."

What has the service been like from Ice Energy?
"Everyone from start to finish has been excellent. My first contact with Ice Energy was with the sales team who were very helpful and not in the slightest bit pushy. 

"During the installation I asked the technical support team many questions, all were answered promptly. Even after the heat pump was commissioned and final payments made, the support continued with the after sales team guiding me through the RHI payment claim process. 

"I have just had my first annual service which was performed by Ice Energy. The engineer was extremely helpful and answered any questions I had about on-going maintenance and care of the heat pump."