Heat Pump Case Studies: Air Source Heat Pump in Bristol

Property type: 5-bedroom, Edwardian terraced property in Bristol

Product installed: 14kW Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump

Distribution system: Underfloor heating on ground floor & radiators on upper floors

Previous heating system: Gas boiler

Installation date: Summer 2010

Mr. & Mrs. T live in a 5-bedroom Edwardian terraced home in Bristol. In summer 2010 as part of their renovation of the property, they replaced their old and inefficient gas boiler with an Ice Energy air source heat pump. Read on to learn more about their experiences.

What prompted you to investigate heat pumps? 
"As part of our overall property renovation we were keen to reduce our carbon footprint. So, on the recommendation of our architect, we contacted Ice Energy to explore the various possibilities."

How did you find the installation process?
"The installation work took place as part of the general renovation work at our home and as such was not an imposition."

How have you found living with your heat pump?
"Very satisfactory indeed. Even in the coldest weather our house has stayed warm and we have ample hot water."

What do you see as the benefits of heat pumps?
"Certainly cost savings, comfort and less maintenance as well as achieving our aim of reducing our carbon footprint. The air source heat pump has been a boon - very reliable, very efficient and (even without any government rebate system as yet), not expensive to run."

Have you an example of cost savings?
"Refurbishment of our house included significant improvements to insulation of windows, roof and floors so a straightforward comparison of before and after costs is not possible, but the running costs of our air source heat pump are encouragingly low."

Would you recommend Ice Energy and their products to others?
"Yes - I have in fact already agreed to be a reference for others considering heat pumps."

Solutions Used

  • 14kW Ecodan air source heat pump linked to an underfloor heating and radiator distribution system

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