Heat Pump Case Studies: Air Source Heat Pump in Wiltshire

Property Type: 4-bedroom detached 1860's village cottage in Wiltshire, extended and upgraded circa 1995.

Product Installed: 14kW Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump

Distribution system: Radiators

Installation date: January 2011

Cost savings: Approximately £500 in first year of operation

Ken Harper from Wiltshire was previously heating his 4-bedroom, 1860's detached property with an oil boiler but decided to investigate renewable energy alternatives including air source heat pumps as a result of rising and volatile oil prices, the possibility of having to replace his old boiler and low interest rates giving a poor return on savings. An additional attraction was the advent of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which is due for launch in Summer 2013.

Ken contacted a number of companies regarding quotes for air source heat pumps including Ice Energy; "The Ice Energy quote was well presented and they responded well to my questions about what was being offered" says Ken. 

Installation of Ken's heat pump began in January 2011 taking just a week to complete and was undertaken by installers recommended by Ice Energy. Describing the process Ken said "The installation process was excellent and very efficient with minimal disruption to the house.

Before the installation of my heat pump, I put bigger radiators into the hall / stairwell and two bathrooms as these were not really big enough even with the higher temperatures from the oil boiler. However, the bathrooms are now very cosy!"

Having been in operation for some 18 months now, Ken feels that the decision to move to renewable energy was the right one. "We are very pleased that we changed from an oil-fired boiler to an air source heat pump. We have benefitted from a cost saving of around £500 per year and the heat pump feeds the original radiator system providing a more comfortable temperature throughout the house during cold weather. There is also less maintenance involved."

Solutions Used

  • 14kW Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump utilising radiator distribution system

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