Heat Pump Case Studies: Combined Heat Pump & Underfloor Heating

Property type: 4-bedroom, detached new build property in Lincolnshire

Product installed: IVT Greenline HT+ E7 ground source heat pump with ground loop buried in 2 x 50 metre trenches

Distribution system: Ice Energy underfloor heating system

Installation date: Heat pump commissioned November 2011

In 2010, Dave Shakespeare and his wife Julie embarked on their second self-build project constructing a four-bedroom, detached property in Lincolnshire. With no natural gas in the village and having already tried a number of fossil fuel alternatives in their previous property, the Shakespeare's decided to install a ground source heat pump from Ice Energy with a matched underfloor heating system.

What prompted you to investigate ground source heat pumps?
"Rip off Britain and greedy oil barons were part of the reason!" explains Dave. "With a new home we were also very keen to embrace green technology. Grants were not on the agenda when we ordered but will be a very welcome bonus."

How did you find the installation process?
"The groundworks were installed in June 2010 with the heat pump plumbing taking about 5 days to complete.

The ground loop is buried in 2 x 50 metre trenches in our garden which has a very high water table. The pipes are probably beneath the water table for most of the heating season.

We have underfloor heating on the ground floor plus oversized radiators via a manifold and individual room thermostats upstairs.

The plumbers recommended by Ice Energy were faultless, all the pipe work is laser level and we received a perfect service."

What has it been like living with heat pumps?
"We simply turn our heat pump on in the Autumn, leave it and enjoy cosy warmth 24 hours a day. Since my wife and I literally self-built the property, we packed the house with insulation and although we and our visitors are very cosy at our 22˚C room temperatures, the floor and radiators are never hot to touch. Some people might assume the system is not working but in fact the house always holds a temperature of 20 - 22˚C."

What would you say are the benefits of ground source heat pumps?
"I do not expect a heating system to pay for itself any more than my kitchen but we were determined to be comfortable without one eye on costs or oil consumption" says Dave.

"Our ground source heat pump gives us total heating 24/7 with serious financial savings."

What impact has your heat pump had on your running costs?
"The whole house is running on electric and in the coldest months of the year i.e. the heating season, it costs around £130 a month in total. Running the heat pump is costing us less than we paid in our previous property which was heated using oil and cost around £300 per month during the heating season so the savings are substantial.

It's also worth noting that in our previous house which was of comparable size at around 250 square metres, we always had one eye on costs with the heating on at peak times only and in reality the house was never what you would call cosy. The combination of the heat pump and the higher levels of insulation in our new property have therefore had a major impact on our running costs."

Why did you choose Ice Energy as your ground source heat pump provider?
"We had a very obstructive local planning department so had a lot of time to undertake our research and we obtained several quotes.

Ice Energy was an established company and quoted very competitively plus we found the sales team to be very friendly and not at all pushy."

What has the service been like from Ice Energy and would you recommend them to others?
"The service has been excellent with prompt delivery, a sound recommendation for an experienced local installer, the commissioning engineer was very professional and Ice were always on the phone for advice when we needed it.

I would without reservation recommend Ice Energy to others."

Solutions Used

  • Ice Energy IVT Greenline HT+ E7 ground source heat pump with ground loop buried in 2 x 50 metre trenches
  • Ice Energy underfloor heating system

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