Heat Pump Case Studies: Ground Source Heat Pump in B&B

B&B heated with Ice Energy heat pumps

Property type: 3-bedroom, detached cottage built in early 1700's

Products installed: IVT Greenline E11 Ground Source Heat Pump with matched Underfloor Heating system

Distribution system: Underfloor Heating

Installation date: Heat pump commissioned in March 2011

Bed & Breakfast proprietor and former AA Bed & Breakfast Landlady of the Year Barbara Litherland runs an AA 5 star Bed and breakfast in the beautiful Wye Valley which has also been awarded an AA Breakfast Award. Over the past three years ‘Prickett’s Place’ has been extensively renovated to a very high standard and as part of the renovation work, a ground source heat pump and matched underfloor heating system was installed by the UK’s leading renewable energy heating company, Ice Energy.
The property was originally built in the early 1700’s and is in an off-gas location situated mid-way between Hereford and Ross-on-Wye.   Measuring approximately 1,895 square feet, the cottage has 3 bedrooms each with an en suite bathroom. Barbara had not done bed and breakfast since 2002 when she lived on the outskirts of Bath.  However, since moving into the cottage, she decided that she would really like to do bed and breakfast again and can see only advantages of having a constant and reliable heating system.
When Rob and Barbara started to consider the heating system for the cottage, one of the prime considerations was that a pleasant temperature could be maintained at all times.  Allowing a house to go cold and then heating it back up again seemed a crazy way of doing things.  However, the cost of other forms of heating would not allow the luxury of leaving the heating on day and night and having constant hot water at a price that was affordable.
“As we are in an off gas location we faced the choice of oil or calor gas both of which are very expensive, or an alternative renewable energy solution” explains Barbara.
“It was my husband who initially liked the idea of ground source heat pumps as he had read about them previously. He also liked the idea of underfloor heating which we had installed in a previous property. Unfortunately on that occasion, the floor heating was being run from a gas system and the costs were phenomenal due to it being turned on and off all the time. However, our understanding was that underfloor heating can work very effectively with heat pumps so it seemed like an ideal solution.”

In order to find out more about the renewable options available, Barbara and her husband visited the Ice Energy stand at an exhibition having received a recommendation for their services and, suitably convinced that a ground source heat pump would meet their needs exactly, decided to press ahead. Work began in late 2010 with the installation of the underfloor heating system taking just a day to complete. The ground source heat pump which draws stored solar energy from the ground via pipe work laid in a series of three trenches, was commissioned in March 2011 once renovation work was complete.
“The installation process was excellent and we feel that the finished product is absolutely fantastic” enthused Barbara. “The system is clean and very easy to maintain once set up and one of the major benefits is the ability for it to run 24 hours a day at minimal cost. Doing that with any other system would cost an absolute fortune.”
Describing the additional benefits of installing a matched heat pump and underfloor heating system, Barbara had this to say; “There is constant warmth and comfort which benefits us and our guests and I don’t have to worry about turning it on or off as the system monitors itself, simply topping up the heat as and when required.”

“We also have a heat recovery system and this coupled with the heat pump means that we don’t have to worry about rooms smelling damp or a build up of condensation on windows which is clearly of great benefit to us and then of course there are the cost savings.  During the renovations we bought the house up to current building regulations from an insulation point of view wherever possible which was also of huge benefit.  Over the past year we have only paid £100 per month for all our electricity needs which included internal and external lighting, washing machines, use of the cooker and of course the heat pump which is exceptional. 
So how would Barbara sum up the service from Ice Energy? “Excellent customer service, 10 out of 10 for every aspect and I would absolutely recommend Ice Energy and their range of products to others.”

To find out more about a short break at 'Prickett's Place' , visit www.prickettsplace.com

Solutions Used

  • IVT Greenline E11 Ground Source Heat Pump with matched Underfloor Heating system

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