Heat Pump Case Studies: Ground Source Heat Pump in Hampshire

Property type: 4-bedroom detached property in Hampshire

Product installed: Ground Source Heat Pump with Slinky ground loop in 4 x 50 metre trenches.

Distribution system: Radiators

Installation date: September 2011

Cost savings: Around a 50% saving in fuel costs

Having previously heated his four-bedroom home in Hampshire with oil, in 2011 ecological concerns combined with rising fuel prices prompted Dr. Roy Stainton to reassess his heating system. Dr. Stainton originally contacted Ice Energy some 4 years ago but for the reasons above decided that the time was now right to make the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

"I'd done some initial research on the internet and found Ice Energy to be very helpful and co-operative. As fuel prices were rising higher and higher I decided to re-establish contact to see what could be done to help."

In September 2011 Dr. Stainton installed an Ice Energy IVT HT+ E14 ground source heat pump behind the utility room at his home. This was a slightly alternative installation as the ground source heat pump would be housed in storage space some five feet above the ground.

Dr. Stainton's heat pump draws ground heat via a 'Slinky' ground loop system installed in four trenches which are one metre in depth and fifty metres long.

Describing what in his opinion are the benefits of installing a ground source heat pump, Dr. Stainton cites comfort, peace of mind in the reliability of the system as well minimal maintenance requirements and cost savings. In fact, Dr. Stainton estimates initial savings in the region of 50% compared to his previous system.

Summing up his experiences of Ice Energy, Dr. Stainton said "The service has been very good. Ice Energy are always ready to advise, assist, support and to provide information, both technical and commercial. I would certainly recommend them to others considering ground source heat pumps."

Solutions Used

  • IVT HT+ E14 ground source heat pump
  • Slinky ground loop system in 4 x 50 metre trenches

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