Heat Pump Case Studies: Ground Source Heat Pump in Nottingham

Property Type: 4 bedroom detached new build property in Nottingham.

Product installed: Ice Energy IVT Ground Source Heat Pump to a twin borehole.

Distribution system: Underfloor heating - liquid circulating. Screen on ground floor, timber upper floor.

Installation date: February 2007

Cost savings: The addition of PV and of solar augmentation has made the house Net-Zero. The Feed-in-Tariff ensures that David's annual heat costs nothing at all.

Property heated by Ice Energy heat pump

David Nicholson-Cole teaches at Nottingham University and is very interested in Bioclimatic design, energy efficiency and Passivhaus design so when he embarked on his own new build project, David decided that ground source heat pumps would supply the heating and hot water requirements for his 4 bedroom detached property in Nottingham.

David's heat pump draws stored solar heat from the earth via twin 48m vertical boreholes which are 5m apart and uses underfloor heating as the distribution system within the property.

At the time David was considering heat pumps for his home, Ice Energy were one of the few companies around who understood the product. "Ice Energy seemed like a company that was in there for the long term and were not likely to disappear after a year or so" says David.

"The support team are very good and although I haven't needed them often, the odd call out has been dealt with efficiently."

Since installing his heat pump, David has also installed a 4kW solar photovoltaic (solar PV) system and with the help of one of the Ice Energy team has been able to achieve a net-zero result since the solar PV system produces more power than the ground source heat pump uses for heating and hot water.

Discussing the benefits of his system, David said: "I've enjoyed the cost savings but above all, I have enjoyed the kudos of having a net-zero house with all the interesting learning experiences, design and modelling that go along with it. The project has given me a good research interest and I have written several articles off the back of it."

"I would recommend Ice Energy to others and in fact carry their logo on my website. Their newsletters, drilling, PV and underfloor services show that Ice Energy have diversified successfully, so much so that I have also agreed to be a reference for them."

Solutions Used

  • Greenline C6 Ground Source Heat Pump
  • Twin 48 metre deep boreholes 5 metres apart