Heat Pump Case Studies: Ground Source Heat Pump in Scotland

Property type: 4-bedroom detached farm house in South Lanarkshire, Scotland built c. 1895

Product installed: IVT Greenline HT + E9 Ground Source Heat Pump

Distribution system: 2 panel / 2 convector radiators to replace previous single panel radiator system

Installation date: Commissioned June 2011

Cost savings: Approximately £1,400 in the first year of operation

In February 2011 South Lanarkshire resident Jim Gilliland embarked on an ambitious project to install a ground source heat pump at this home, deciding to undertake all the work himself. In this case study, Jim describes his experiences and how he has benefitted from his decision to install a renewable energy heating system.

“I was previously heating my home with an oil boiler but was anxious about the sustainability of kerosene, along with potential price rises should foreign powers dictate supply and was looking for greater comfort than we could gain and afford from the oil system” explains Jim who started his retrofit project some three years before the installation of his heat pump by embarking on a full insulation programme.

Having received a recommendation to contact Ice Energy from his neighbour, Jim did just that and soon made the decision to install a ground source heat pump undertaking all the installation and groundworks himself. “The installation was challenging but extremely satisfying. I carried out every operation including the digging of 3 trenches to accommodate the slinky ground loop which meant I even had to learn to drive a JCB! At each stage I got the various works signed off by professionals so although the installation took longer than a ‘standard’ one would, it was an extremely rewarding exercise.”

Jim’s heat pump which uses a double-sized radiator distribution system (2 panel / 2 convector to replace single panels), was commissioned in June 2011 and Jim has been very delighted with his first year’s performance. “I have kept a weekly spreadsheet log of electric meter reading with formulae set up to subtract known electricity usage average over the last 3 years. The Ice Energy estimate of approximately £1,098 per annum was spot on as I used £1,102.”

Jim estimates that the heat pump has resulted in cost savings of in the region of £1,400 to date which is a benefit in itself but Jim feels there have been many others in addition. “Visitors have certainly commented on the comfort of the house compared to the previous heating system and there are no oil fumes anymore. I also feel I’m doing my bit for the planet and then there is the fact that I have been able to increase the value of my property by improving the green credentials in the home report should I ever wish to sell it.”

Since installation of his own heat pump, Jim has already recommended Ice Energy and heat pumps as a whole to others and summing up his experience said “Ice Energy has demonstrated a total commitment to their product and their customers and their service has been excellent in every way. They have also helped me with a heat pump we are using in my Secondary school with a view to informing the future generation of energy users about an efficient, sustainable and dependable form of heating.”

Solutions Used

  • IVT Greenline HT + E9 Ground Source Heat Pump
  • Slinky ground loop system in 3 x 44m long, 1m deep  trenches

Download a copy of this heat pump case study.