Heat Pump Case Studies: Ground Source Heat Pump in Shropshire

Property heated by Ice Energy heat pumps

Property type: Timber-frame property built in 1973 and located in Shropshire.

Product installed: IVT Ground Source Heat Pump

Distribution system: Radiators

Installation date: September 2002.

Cost savings: Approximately £1,000 per annum.

Alan Terrill lives in a timber-framed property in Shropshire which was previously heated by an LPG gas boiler and LPG gas fire. Having been interested in renewable energy since the early 70's, when Mr. Terrill visited the Ice Energy stand at a self-build show in 2001 he was impressed with what he saw.

"With a new house and a very inefficient LPG boiler in it, I decided it was time to investigate ground source heat pumps further. There were very few companies selling these products when I first met Ice Energy but they used what looked to be well made Swedish equipment and were friendly without being too pushy or making extravagant claims. At the time there were no renewable energy grants available so I just took the plunge."

Using a local contractor to dig the 200 metre trench for the groundworks which accommodates the Ground Loop buried at 1 metre's depth, Mr. Terrill then re-plumbed the house and connected the heat pump himself with some help from the Ice Energy Technical Support Team. "In the early days I phoned for advice a few times and received very good service indeed."

Mr. Terrill  has been extremely pleased with his heat pump and has found the performance to be excellent even during harsh winters. "The heat pump provides 24 hour, year round comfortable heating. I never run out of hot water and the house is never too hot or cold. I don't have to worry about buying fuel or worry about how I'll cope if it gets really cold. The heat pump coped remarkably well during the winter of 2010/11 and when the temperature plummeted to -15 C, it remained at + 18 C inside. I also have no big surprises on the electricity bills which are quite consistent."

And in terms of cost savings, Mr. Terrill is also seeing impressive results. "It's difficult to accurately list the cost savings as so many things have changed i.e. before the heat pump I only had the heating on in the morning and evening and froze during the day. However, as far as I can calculate I am saving around £1,000 per year so the heat pump has long since paid for itself."

So how would Mr. Terrill sum up his experiences? "Now I've had the heat pump for nearly 10 years I can confidently say it works. It's comfortable to live with and needs next to no maintenance. I opened my house under an 'eco house weekend' and was able to give advice to many people who were looking for a new heating system. This was the only one that worked in all weathers, needed no additional heating system and required so little maintenance that several people changed their opinion of heat pumps altogether. I would most definitely recommend Ice Energy to others."

Solutions Used

  • IVT Ground Source Heat Pump with Ground Loop installed in 200 metre long trench at a depth of 1 metre

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