Heat Pump Case Studies: Ground Source Heat Pump in Somerset

Property type: Detached property in a rural location, comprising 300m², two bathrooms, four bedrooms and three reception rooms

Product installed: Ice Energy IVT E11 Ground Source Heat Pump

Distribution system: Underfloor heating is installed throughout

The installation was carried out by the site plumbing contractors following Ice Energy installation manuals.

The ground source heat pump which was installed is shown in the gallery below; the white 'bottle' is the expansion vessel for the ground loop system. The hot water tank is shown on the left of the heat pump.

Three 100m trenches contain the ground loop heat collector pipe work as part of the groundworks. A total of 600 metres of heat collector is installed. These ground loops are brought together on the outside wall of the house and manifolded together.

Solutions Used

  • Ice Energy supplied an E11 Ground Source Heat Pump and a 300 litre hot water storage tank
Ice Energy ground source heat pump
Property heated by an Ice Energy heat pump
Heat pump manifold pipes