Heat Pump Case Studies: GSHP in Ultra-Modern Home

Property type: 6,000 square foot, detached stone house (built circa 1800) and extension in South-East Gloucestershire

Product installed: Two Ground Source Heat Pumps using a 'Slinky' system in six 50 metre trenches containing a combined total of 1600 metres of piping.

Distribution system: Underfloor Heating

Installation date: March 2011

Previous heating system: Oil

Cost savings achieved: Approximately £2,500 pa

Like many other adopters of ground source heat pumps, David Clifford cites "the desire to be green" as one of his reasons for considering heat pumps for his home in South-East Gloucestershire. The property is part stone house built around 1800 and part extension and covers around 6,000 square feet.

Choosing heat pumps is certainly a decision Mr. Clifford definitely does not regret; "Living with a heat pump is totally painless as no adjustments have been necessary and the whole building is maintained at a constant 21 degrees Celsius throughout."

"I would estimate savings of around £2,500 per annum as well as an overall reduction on the environment and have no anxieties whatsoever about heating and hot water."

Two ground source heat pumps were installed in March 2011 using a 'Slinky' system laid in a series of 50 metre trenches as part of the groundworks and the whole system combined with the underfloor heating system. "The installation was a totally painless and most interesting exercise" says Mr. Clifford who chose Ice Energy on the recommendation of existing customers.

So having been recommended Ice Energy by others in the past, Mr. Clifford is now recommending both the company and heat pumps in general to others. "The service from Ice Energy has been excellent and I would recommend their services without hesitation. I feel installing heat pumps is a major step towards becoming carbon neutral."

Solutions Used

  • Two ground source heat pumps installed and combined with underfloor heating system
  • 'Slinky' system in six 50 metre trenches containing a combined total of 1600 metres of piping

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Pictures reproduced by kind permission of Alison Brooks Architects.