Heat Pump Case Studies: GSHP, Underfloor & PV in Wales

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Property type: Detached circa 1900 stone-built cottage in North Wales

Product installed:  Greenline HT+ C6 ground source heat pump with single slinky ground loop in 100 metre trench, underfloor heating and 2.15kW solar photovoltaic (solar PV) system

Distribution system: Underfloor heating (ground floor & first floor bathroom, single first floor radiator)

Installation date: Heat pump commissioned August 2009

Cost savings: No previous central heating but all electricity consumption for heating, hot water and cooking averages 15 - 20 units a day in winter and 8 - 10 units a day in summer

Embarking on the renovation of a stone-built cottage in North Wales and with a desire to reduce her own carbon footprint, Adrienne Stratford was keen to employ renewable energy heating as part of the work. Following a recommendation from a friend's builder, Ms. Stratford contacted Ice Energy to find out more about ground source heat pumps and how they could benefit her.

What prompted you to investigate renewable energy systems?
"There was no previous heating in the cottage other than an inefficient, solid fuel stove and mains gas was not available" says Adrienne. "I was very conscious of reducing my own carbon footprint as well as wanting to move away from fossil fuels as much as possible because of my fears about the escalating fuel costs and the environmental damage so heat pumps appeared to be a perfect solution."

How did you find the installation process?
"The groundworks for the heat pump were more extensive, messy and time-consuming than necessary due to the builder's refusal to carry them out in a drier summer period (the heavy boulder clay soil becomes water-logged in the winter). However, the rest of the installation including the plumbing works and commissioning of the heat pump presented no major problems at all."

How have you found living with heat pumps?
"Very easy, delightful and comfortable - I have adjusted the settings only occasionally to suit our needs."

How would you sum up the benefits of heat pumps to you?
"I have found heat pumps to be relatively cheap, very efficient, easy to run and virtually maintenance free providing me with a comfortable house temperature (especially when coming home after being out all day) and I have constant hot water. I also don't have the worry of oil or LPG deliveries which are difficult in the area due to the narrow lanes."

What has the service been like from Ice Energy and would you recommend them to others?
"The service from Ice Energy has been extremely good and I have already recommended them to others."

Solutions Used

  • Greenline HT+ C6 Ground Source Heat Pump single slinky ground loop
  • Combined underfloor heating system
  • 2.15kW Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV)  system (10 panels)

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