Heat Pump Case Studies: Heat Pump & Floor Heating

Property type: 5 bedroom detached property in West Sussex

Products installed: IVT HT+ E7 Ground Source Heat Pump

Distribution system: Underfloor Heating

Installation date: January 2012

When developer John Gough embarked on his own new build development, he made the decision to investigate renewable energy technologies as an alternative to expensive fossil fuel systems. As part of his investigations, John attended an Open Day at the Oxfordshire base of Ice Energy Technologies where he was able to see for himself what the units looked like and how they worked as well as being able to hear first hand from the team at Ice about the benefits that ground source heat pumps provide.

"I chose Ice Energy to provide my ground source heat pump because it was clear to see their commitment to the product when I attended their Open Day" explains John.

Having been convinced of the merits of ground source heat pumps John placed his order and in January 2012 installation of his heat pump took place at his home. As part of the installation which took just a week to complete, a 'Slinky' ground loop system was buried in 2 x 50 metre trenches in order to extract stored solar heat from beneath the ground. 

John is now enjoying the benefits ground source heat pumps can provide in terms of reliable, cost-effective heating which dovetails seamlessly with the underfloor heating system and solar photovoltaic (solar PV) array also installed at his 'Eco-build' property. Not only will the PV system provide some of the electricity used to power John's heat pump, he will also benefit from the Feed-in-Tariff which rewards owners of PV systems for the electricity  the panels generate. Additionally, by using an underfloor heating system to distribute heat throughout his property, John has chosen the best way of taking advantage of low flow temperatures to maximise the efficiency of his ground source heat pump.

"The system is excellent. It looks after itself and provides endless hot water" explains John. "For me the number one benefit is the long-term saving against oil or gas as we live in an area where there is no natural gas line."

So impressed has John been with the service he received from Ice Energy and the benefits of ground source heat pumps, he would happily recommend them to others; "I can recommend anyone considering ground source heat pumps talk to Ice Energy prior to making a decision. They know ground source heat pumps inside out and in my opinion have demonstrated a complete commitment to the product."

Solutions Used

  • Ice Energy IVT HT+ E7 Ground Source Heat Pump with slinky ground loop

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