Heat Pump Case Studies: Heat Pump & Floor Heating in Cornwall

Property type: 4-bedroom, detached oak framed farmhouse in rural Cornwall

Product installed: IVT ground source heat pump with ground loop buried in 3 x 150 metre slit trenches

Previous heating system: Electric storage heaters

Distribution system: Ice Energy underfloor heating system

Installation date: September 2010

John & Judy Clark live in a 4-bedroom, detached oak framed farmhouse in rural Cornwall. In 2010 as part of a project to renovate the existing farmhouse and build a major extension, the Clark's installed a combined ground source heat pump and underfloor heating system supplied by Ice Energy. The farm is also home to the unique Bowji Bush Camping bushcraft school run by the Clark's.

What prompted you to investigate ground source heat pumps?
"I did a great deal of research into the heating options for our project" says John. "I looked at biomass, oil, bottled gas as we have no mains gas, as well as stove and hot water and solid fuel combinations. The only option that met the requirements in terms of effectiveness and affordability was ground source heat pumps, although air source heat pumps came a close second."

How did you find the installation process?
"We did the installation ourselves which was relatively simple and we had good support from Ice Energy when we needed it.

"The ground loop pipes were laid in 3 straight 150 metre long slit trenches down the field below us."

How have you found living with ground source heat pumps?
"We don't even notice our ground source heat pump as it just runs itself!"

What would you say are the benefits of ground source heat pumps?
"The most obvious benefit is cost. Thereafter I would include peace of mind, ease of use and lack of maintenance."

Has your ground source heat pump reduced your running costs?
"We can't give a specific figure on savings as our property is essentially a new build, however our annual bill for electricity (which is our only energy supply) is approximately £1,100. With any other option available to us our bills would be at least double that."

What has the service been like from Ice Energy and would you recommend them to others?
"We chose Ice Energy as our heat pump and underfloor heating company based initially on a recommendation from others plus the fact they sourced the grant (which was available at the time) for us rather than us having to organise it.

Their service has been faultless and their ground source heat pump was the perfect product for us. It has proved to be everything the company said it would be and I would recommend it as a heating solution to anyone."

Solutions Used

  • Ground source heat pump with ground loop buried in 3 x 150 metre trenches
  • Ice Energy underfloor heating system

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