Heat Pump Case Studies: Heat Pump in East Wales New Build

Property Type: 3-bedroom, detached new build property in East Wales

Product installed: Ground Source Heat Pump using trench system for ground loop

Distribution system: Underfloor wet system

Installation date: December 2002

Previous heating system: Gas boiler in previous property

David Barwick was one of the earliest adopters of the ground source heat pumps provided by Ice Energy when he installed one at his home back in 2002. Having had a gas boiler installed in his previous property, Mr. Barwick decided he wanted to be more eco-friendly when he built his new property and decided heat pumps were the way forward.

The installation which took around 2 weeks included the laying of 300 metres of pipe in continuous elongated trenching, each of approximately 20 metres in length and to a depth of approximately 1.5 metres as part of the groundworks.

Since the heat pump was installed, Mr. Barwick has found his system (which has been combined with his underfloor heating) to be "economic and comfortable all year round." He also states that "now energy costs are rising rapidly, the benefits of heat pumps are even more apparent."

Such an advocate of heat pumps has Mr. Barwick become he has been recommending both heat pumps and Ice Energy for the past 9 years saying "Although we dealt with Ice Energy when it was a very small operation, we have received good service and found them to be helpful and efficient."

Solutions Used

  • Ground Source Heat Pump installed and combined with Underfloor Heating
  • 300 metre Ground Loop accommodated within 20 metre trenches at a depth of 1.5 metres

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