Heat Pump Case Studies: Heat Pump in West Wales

Property type: 2-bedroom, detached property over 150 years old in rural West Wales

Product installed: Greenline C6 Ground Source Heat Pump with 'Slinky' ground loop system at 1 metre depth

Distribution system:  Underfloor Heating

Installation date: February 2012

Previous heating system: Electric heating

Mr. Eddie Ffoulkes-Jones was looking for a cost-effective and green source of energy he could rely on well into his retirement which would replace the electric heating in his property in rural West Wales. In February 2012, he installed a Greenline C6 ground source heat pump from Ice Energy which linked to his underfloor heating system.

Mr. Ffoulkes-Jones struggled to find a plumber in his area to install the heat pump so decided to tackle the installation himself. "The installation overall was hard work but has been both satisfying and successful as with the help of the Ice Energy Training and Technical Departments, I managed to successfully install the heat pump myself."

In Mr. Ffoulkes-Jones' opinion, installing a renewable energy system "provides long term benefits both in cost and ease of use." And although the heat pump has only been running for a short time, Mr. Ffoulkes-Jones has been impressed with the performance so far. "After a little tinkering with the settings at first, the heat pump has settled down well and keeps the house at a very comfortable and even temperature."

Explaining his reasons for selecting Ice Energy to supply his heat pump, Mr. Ffoulkes Jones said "Ice Energy appeared to be able to provide a quality product at a very reasonable price. Their service has been excellent and I would happily recommend their services to others."

Solutions Used

  • Greenline C6 Ground Source Heat Pump installed combined with Underfloor Heating
  • Slinky system installed at 1 metre depth

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