Heat Pump Case Studies: Heat Pump Replacing Oil in Mid-Wales

Property type: Semi-detached, 3-bed, stone wall cottage in Mid-Wales

Product installed: 8.5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump

Installation date: December 2008

Cost savings: Annual electricity fuel bill of just £550

Louise Lloyd lives in a 3-bedroom, 1860's semi-detached property constructed with 18 inch thick stone walls in rural Mid-Wales. Like many other properties in the area, Louise's home contained an oil boiler system but having moved in, things started to go awry.

“We moved into this house at the end of November 2007 and after just a week, the very old oil boiler died which meant we had no heating” explains Louise. “That first winter was very cold and we had to manage with a fan heater and an oil filled electric radiator. By the winter of 2008 we had installed a wood burning stove but we also made the decision to install a heat pump.” 

Louise researched the internet to identify a solution and a provider to help which is where she discovered Ice Energy. “We found that the Ecodan air source heat pump seemed to be the best product around at the time and when we contacted Ice Energy, they were able to provide a very competitive quote for the 8.5kW Ecodan unit which is now situated outside our house.”

“Ice Energy provided the unit which was installed in December 2008. Unfortunately there were some issues around the commissioning which meant the heat pump was not operational until January 2009 which at the time was very disappointing. That said, when there was a product recall in 2010, Ice Energy and Mitsubishi worked extremely well together to replace the old unit and install a new one within a couple of weeks and with a minimum of fuss.”

Installation of an 8.5 kW Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump has made all the difference to Louise; "We are extremely happy. The Heat Pump is very easy to live with as it’s compact, clean and quiet. The controls are simplicity itself and best of all, unlike that first winter, the home feels warm and cosy.”  

As Louise effectively lived with no heating from the time she moved into her home to the point of commissioning of the Heat Pump, it’s hard to accurately state the cost-savings the Heat Pump has made but it’s certainly caused a few comments from friends and neighbours; “When talking to other people, especially those running oil boilers, they always seem very impressed when we tell them our fuel bill for the year is just £550 for electricity and around £100 for logs and that’s it!” 

Solutions Used

  • 8.5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump

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