Heat Pump Case Studies: Heat Pump & Underfloor in Shropshire

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Property type: 5 bedroom detached new build property in Shropshire

Product installed: IVT HT+ E11 3 phase ground source heat pump with slinky ground loop in 3 x 50m trenches

Installation date: Heat pump commissioned March 2011

Distribution system: Underfloor heating system throughout

RHI benefit: Successfully applied for and meets expectations

In March 2011, Mr & Mrs Turner had their Ice Energy ground source heat pump commissioned in their new build home in Shropshire. Three years on, the Turner’s are still enjoying cost-effective, reliable heating and now with the added bonus of tax-free payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Read on to learn more.

What prompted you to investigate heat pumps?

“We wanted to incorporate the best and most efficient technology that would be a solution for whole house underfloor heating and to also provide all our domestic hot water requirements. The system efficiency and a wish to incorporate green technology were key factors while the potential of payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was an added bonus.”

How did you find the installation process?

“The ground source heat pump installation was an inherent part of the project management of the new build so was straight forward with no issues. Ours is an 11kW three-phase ground source heat pump which uses a ‘slinky’ heat collector system within three 50m trenches to access the heat and which is connected using a distribution manifold.”

“As part of the build we also installed underfloor heating throughout.” 

What has it been like living with your heat pump?

“The system is totally self-managed all year round. The external sensors and computerised control make the system fully automatic. The internal temperature remains constant throughout the year.”

What impact has your heat pump had on running costs?

“We can’t really isolate individual costs as we do not have a gas supply. We are also using Economy 7. Over the past year, the maximum daily cost of electricity for the entire property which is 390m square has been £7.31 - the minimum has been £4.89.”

What has your experience of the RHI application process been?

“The process of applying for the RHI was straightforward although the fraud checks required were excessive. The payment levels though have matched my expectations.”

What would you say are the benefits of heat pumps?

“For us the benefits of heat pumps are peace of mind, reliability, efficiency and cost savings through the RHI payments.”

Why did you choose Ice Energy as your heat pump provider?

“We performed thorough research of established companies and opted for Ice Energy.”

What has the service been like from Ice Energy and would you recommend them to others?

“The service has been excellent. The Sales and Technical teams were very helpful and patient during the design phase and were always keen to assist when the system was first used and user knowledge was minimal.”

“I would recommend Ice Energy and heat pumps to others.”

Solutions Used

IVT HT+ E11 3 phase ground source heat pump with slinky ground loop in 3 x 50m trenches
Underfloor heating system throughout

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Ice Energy Ground Source Heat Pump being installed

Ice Energy Ground Source Heat Pump Installation

Ice Energy Ground Source Heat Pump in situ