Heat Pump & Underfloor Heating in Lincolnshire New Build


Property type: New Build

Product installed: Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump and Underfloor Heating

Installation date: December 2015

Distribution system: Underfloor heating

RHI benefit: First payment to be made on the 1st June 2016

In December 2015, Richard and Sarah Toyne installed an Ice Energy air source heat pump in their new build project in Skegness, Lincolnshire. Richard told us: "I am a first time self builder living on the east coast, the house was going to be a family home, not a money making development.

"During the design process the subject of thermal calculations kept rearing their ugly head and it soon became apparent that a lot had to be taken into account when trying to achieve the house that you want. It turned out that heating methods played a large part in the outcome of the design. To cut a long story short the architect talked me into an air source heat pump (whatever one of those are I thought at the time) and underfloor heating throughout (3 storeys!). He also recommended Ice Energy who one of his previous clients used on a similar project." 

How did you find the installation process?
One problem I did have was with my local plumbers who think anything other than burning fossil fuel is witchcraft but they had all the support needed given to them by Ice Energy and reluctantly admitted that it wasn't a bad job to install. They are also curious to find out how the system performs."

Since the installation the plumbers in question, C&S Chamberlain Ltd, have returned to Ice Energy with an additional project, with the future in mind for further projects. This is a prime example of installers being initially sceptical of heat pumps due to a lack of knowledge, but with the right level of professional support they can very quickly see the advantages and become advocates for heat pumps. 

What has it been like living with your heat pump?
"I have now lived with the system for about a month (it has been on from December but we only moved in a month ago). I have set all of the thermostats to the required temperature and just leave the system to look after itself.

"With all the modern insulation etc. It doesn't actually seem to be doing a lot and the house (over 300 square meters of floor space) is perfectly warm throughout. £5,000 pounds on a contemporary log burner supplied and fitted doesn't seem money well spent but that was another stipulation to gain the necessary thermal calculations to have open rooms and a lot of glass."

What benefits do you feel your Renewable Energy system has afforded you?
"Unfortunately I can't review the system as thoroughly due to the short time of living with it but if it's as good as the company who supplied it, I have no worries."

How did you find the RHI application process?
"It turned out to be a very simple process with the only complication arising when we had to produce bank statements etc. with our name and new address on. As we had only just moved in it took a bit of 'twoing and froing' with emails but nothing out of the ordinary ."

What has the service been like from Ice Energy? Would you recommend us?
"I did get passed from one department to another as the process began and my initial thoughts were of concern but I can honestly say that each department was fantastic. My queries were answered extremely quickly and if the person I was dealing with couldn't help without fail I was then immediately contacted by someone who could.

"The main reason I have taken my time to write this review of Ice Energy is because of the time they have given me. I know they are a business who primarily exists to make money but as I have told them time and time again, their service is second to none.

"I would obviously happily recommend Ice Energy. "