Heat Pump & Underfloor Heating in Monmouthshire New Build

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Property type: 4-bed renovated farmhouse in Monmouthshire

Product installed: IVT Greenline HT Plus E9 ground source heat pump with underfloor heating 

Installation date: October 2008

Distribution system: Underfloor heating

RHI benefit: Combined with Feed-in-Tariff payments which already exceed what is paid out in electricity, RHI payments will provide a significant profit on running costs.

In October 2008, Monmouthshire resident David Scouller installed a ground source heat pump and underfloor heating system in his renovated farm house. Read about his experiences of heat pumps.

What prompted you to investigate heat pumps?
“We were looking to renovate a small Welsh longhouse leaving only a few of the original walls, to create a sustainable 4-bedroom family home. The rising costs of fossil fuels, together with their environmental impact and the hassle of bulk storage and deliveries made us look at renewable heating from the start of our project.”

How did you find the installation process?
“The installation process was fine overall but tricky in places in that we installed the ground loops ourselves with our ground worker. This was fairly straightforward but linking up the manifold and getting it watertight was difficult. We needed better information about ground source heat pump and water tank sizes for pressure vessels, leading to a rather messy installation in our utility room that will have to be redressed later. The builder was resistant to the idea of a ground source heat pump and wanted nothing to do with it. We also had to find an electrician and plumber who were confident and qualified to install the system. The commissioning seemed more daunting that it actually was; the Ice Energy commissioning team was great.”

What has it been like living with your heat pump?
“Installing a ground source heat pump was one of our best decisions. It is hugely reliable and requires very little attention. If there is a problem, we phone Ice Energy and get help immediately. We don’t have to worry about supplies or deliveries of bulk fuel. I suspect another good decision was not to zone the house. We have one sensor inside and one out. Simple distribution is efficient and reliable. Combined with efficient insulation and radiation system, our ground source heat pump makes the house a uniform 19.5 degrees throughout the year - we just don’t think about it.”

Have you applied for the Renewable Heat Incentive?
“Yes, we should receive our first payment in December 2014 and we look forward to our free money!”

What would you say are the benefits of heat pumps?
“Installing the heat pump with underfloor heating was exactly the right thing to do; environmentally, aesthetically and economically. From an environmental perspective, we aren’t using fossil fuels at home and aren’t having them delivered.We don’t have radiators cluttering our living rooms, limiting where furniture can stand. We never worry about heating but we’re always warm and never run out of hot water. And combined with a 4kW solar PV array, our FiT income already slightly exceeds what we pay for electricity. When we start receiving the RHI we will be in significant profit on running costs.”

Why did you choose Ice Energy as your heat pump provider?
“We found Ice Energy online and received a very competitive quotation. We also spoke to one of the company’s satisfied customers. Their service has been excellent and I would absolutely recommend them to others.”