Kent Heat Pump, Underfloor & Solar PV Install: RHI Update

Property type: Two-bedroom with en-suite bathrooms, new build cottage in rural West Kent

Product installed: Greenline HT Plus C6 ground source heat pump, underfloor heating and 4kW solar PV array

Distribution system: Underfloor heating on ground and first floors

Installation date: September 2012

RHI benefit: £8,029 over seven years alongside annual Feed-in-Tariff of £696 means running costs are less than the overall payments combined

In September 2012, Paul Hosp installed a ground source heat pump with matched underfloor heating system in his new build bungalow in Kent which also features a 4kW solar PV system. Two years later, we revisited Mr. Hosp to see how both the heat pump and PV system had impacted his running costs.

What prompted you to investigate heat pumps?
“We had heated our old bungalow with an LPG Rayburn cooker / boiler but when we decided to knock down the property and build the new cottage we looked at heat pumps, mainly due to rising energy prices.

What has impact has your heat pump had on running costs?
“We are now two years into commissioning of our ground source heat pump and solar PV system and have effectively built an eco-friendly little house which is proving to be virtually carbon free. 

“In 2012/13 we received a tax-free payment of £1,250 towards the heat pump installation costs.

“Our application for the solar Feed-in-Tariff was only accepted at the current lower rate for 20 years in September 2012 and having been running now for two years, I can see that the quarterly rebates which fluctuate due to the levels of sunshine, arrive at an average of £696.92 p.a. which is in addition to the saving on some excess electricity which is available during sunny periods.

"Our application for the Renewable Heat Incentive has recently been approved for a total of £8,029.56 to be paid at £1,147.08 p.a. over the next seven years which is also tax free.

"We have recorded the cost of electricity supplied by EDF to the cottage at £1,248 p.a. whilst we expect to receive these subsidies totalling £1,840 p.a. for the next seven years and the just the FiT payments for the following eleven years which are all linked to the cost of living.

"This has been something of a miracle as far as we are concerned and has exceeded all our expectations. We wish Ice Energy every success for the future and will definitely keep on recommending your excellent products."