Retrofit Ground Source Heat Pump Installation

Property Type: 5-bedroom, detached property built in 1955, substantially extended and renovated in 1980.

Product installed:  Ground Source Heat Pump using trench system for ground loop.

Distribution system: Underfloor Heating and in-wall heating.

Installation date: October 2009

Previous heating system: Oil-fired boiler system

Cost savings achieved: Estimated savings of £1,180 (almost 50%) in first two years of operation.

After considering Heat Pumps for a number of years, David Hobbs decided on a ground source heat pump because his oil fired boiler was worn out and very expensive to run. "I'd always liked the idea of installing a heat pump and the grant available at the time was a bonus" explains Mr. Hobbs.

Mr. Hobbs decided to conduct the groundworks for the heat pump himself and set about digging a series of 600 metre trenches at a width of 150mm and a depth of 1000mm. 

The installation which took approximately 5 months went smoothly and now Mr. Hobbs is enjoying the benefits of 24/7 heating via his renewable energy heating system. "The running costs are substantially lower and the heat pump requires minimal maintenance. The entire house is always warm and the unit has long life expectancy so won't need replacing for many years to come."

Explaining why he chose Ice Energy to supply his heat pump, Mr. Hobbs said "I was able to get all the equipment from one supplier with a proven track record. The performance guarantee and good equipment warranty were also major factors in my decision as was the fact they were willing to work with a DIY installation project. 

"Ice Energy were happy to advise on integration into my own existing control system and I was allowed, indeed encouraged, to attend a free installation training day at their headquarters so overall I received a first class service."

Solutions Used

  • Ground Source Heat Pump installed and combined with Underfloor Heating system
  • Ground Loop accommodated within 600 metres of narrow trenches: width 150mm, depth of installed pipe: 1000mm