Notice to Ice Energy Customers

Thank you for writing to Ice Energy.

First of all, we are really sorry for the issues you are experiencing, and the stress you must be feeling regarding your deposits.

Ice Energy has been trading as the market leader in heat pumps for 17 years. We have had some really tough times throughout this period but we have always honoured our commitments to our customers.

2016 was a particularly challenging year for us. We won our two biggest ever contracts, however due to a number of issues such as reduced utility funding being announced midway through the contract, as well as major contractual issues during the delivery of these projects, Ice Energy ended up losing a significant amount of money. Following that, we were assured that new contracts were due to start, however these have experienced significant delays. This combination has resulted in the business suffering extreme financial pressure since the start of the New Year.

As a result of this, we are now taking advice from receivers. We are determined to fulfil customer contracts, and are looking at all of the options available to us in order to do so.

The Directors and the Team are proud of the service we deliver to our customers, and so please rest assured that regardless of what you read online, we are working hard to find a solution to fulfil your order.