Quality Policy Statement Under ISO 9001

Ice Energy Heat Pumps Limited is dedicated to maintaining a Management System which ensures that its products and services meet requirements agreed with its customers at all times. The quality policy is based on the following objectives :

1.    Quality management to concentrate on presentation, looking at processes, identifying errors or opportunities for the errors and implementing corrective and preventive actions to eliminate these or prevent their occurrences thus establishing and committing to the continues improvement theme.

2.    Quality is defined as conformance of products and services to established and documented requirements derived from customer needs, employee expertise and experience.

3.    Systems are open to regular review by all company personnel and authorised third parties enabling observations to be made and incorporated, which provide for continuous improvement.

4.    Quality is an investment in that it ensures improved profitability, through reduced costs, enhances the reputation of the company in the market place and provides customers with best value for money.

5.    Quality is the responsibility of each and every employee within the company and that the reputation of the company will be determined by the actions and attitude of all employees.

These objectives will be subject to regular review with respect to their achievement and relevance. Obstacles which prevent fulfillment of these objectives will be identified and removed.

Andrew Sheldon,
Managing Director of Ice Energy Heat Pumps Limited

6th April 2016