What is a Screed Underfloor Heating System?

Screed underfloor heating systems are most commonly used and the most efficient due to the lower flow temperatures. Insulation is placed on top of a ground bearing slab, block and beam or suspended concrete floor, with a vapour barrier membrane positioned under the floor heating on top of the insulation. This is to protect the screed from reacting with the insulation product. Edge insulation should be laid to prevent a thermal bridge between the screed and the exterior wall. The screed must comply with British Standards Code of Practice.

Which Screed Underfloor Heating Systems do Ice Energy Supply?

Ice Energy provide a variety of underfloor heating systems suitable for screed installation both on a bespoke or kit form basis. Our systems are available for use with heat pumps or boilers and full specifications can be provided on request.

Screed on Cliprail

Our standard screed system is typically cliprail fixed to the pre-installed insulation with the PEX pipe fixed into position using the pipe clips. The installed system is then covered using either a standard concrete screed or a flow screed. 

Standard Screed System

Screed on Mesh

Screed on mesh is typically A142 builders mesh placed on top of the pre-installed insulation. The PEX pipe is then fixed into position using cable ties. The installed system is then covered with a standard screed.

Screed on Mesh System


A pug system is typically Cliprail fixed to the pre-installed insulation between Joists or battens with the PEX pipe fixed into place using the pipe clips. This generally allows for a thinner screed to be applied.   

PUG System
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