Why choose Ice Energy Underfloor Heating?

Freedom to design your home, your way

Don't let your heating system dictate your room layout. With underfloor heating you can have your home exactly how you want. There is no need to arrange furniture around unsightly radiators or worry about blocking the heat.

Transform your home

Enjoy the benefits of warm and cosy rooms even in the coldest winters wherever you are in your property. Imagine stepping out of the shower on a chilly morning onto a lovely warm floor. Prefer to be barefoot? With underfloor heating you can ditch your slippers.

Call in the experts

Ice Energy has vast experience in the specification and design of underfloor heating systems, especially for systems working in combination with heat pumps.

Bespoke design for your home

Our skilled design team will specify a system tailored to the individual needs of your property. We will provide you with bespoke drawings detailing your pipe layout to identify any areas of potential heat loss at a very early stage.

Because our system designs are completely bespoke to you we can also provide a system which can be controlled on a room by room basis for even greater flexibility.

No maintenance

There are no moving parts in underfloor heating so there is little that can go wrong. As a result, there are no regular maintenance costs unlike with traditional heating systems.


Underfloor heating heats the entire floor area resulting in warm feet and consistent room temperatures throughout your home. Whatever the weather outside, you can be cosy inside.

Freedom of room design

With no radiators to worry about, you can place your furniture wherever you like suiting your lifestyle needs and not your heating system.

Reduce wasted energy with flexible controls

Use some rooms in your home more than others? Programmable controls on your underfloor heating mean you can choose to heat only certain areas instead of wasting energy heating the whole house.


With lower flow temperatures and no radiators sticking out, there is no risk of burning. You can now rest easy when you have small children or other vulnerable people in your home.

Health and well being

Do you suffer with asthma or allergies? Underfloor heating systems produce less dust than other systems which is a real bonus.

Do you want maintenance and worry-free heating in your home? Enquire today!

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