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At Ice Energy we have more experience at designing underfloor heating systems to work with heat pumps than any other company in the UK. With a range of system types available, you can be sure Ice Energy will deliver a system to fit your design, whatever the project.

standard screed underfloor heating system
Plate Underfloor System

Screed Underfloor Heating Systems

Screed underfloor heating systems are the most commonly used and are available in a range of sizes to meet the exacting needs of your project.

Plate Underfloor Heating Systems 

Cross battening ensures that a uniform distance to suit the diffuser plates can be achieved and negates the need for notching.

Underfloor Heating from Ice Energy

Underfloor Heating is an ideal partner for ground source heat pumpscombining to provide you with an efficient, low-temperature, cost-effective floor heating system.

Using the benefits of rising heat and lower flow temperatures to radiate heat to the floor surface, Ice Energy provides an economical heating system working towards a better environment.

At Ice Energy we provide a complete pipe layout, supply and install service and using our extensive experience in the field of
heat pumps, we are able to combine systems to take advantage of low flow temperatures to maximise heat pump efficiency. Ice Energy has the experience and knowledge gained from installing more floor heating systems connected to heat pumps than any other company in the UK. This provides you with the assurance you are dealing with a company that truly understands their product. Extensive research and design has enabled us to find solutions to any potential pitfalls giving us the knowledge to gain maximum benefit from combining the heat source and distribution systems in a total solution. This provides greater overall efficiencies enhancing your savings.

By choosing Ice Energy as your underfloor heating partner, when installing a heat pump, you can be assured that in the unlikely event of any performance issues, we will work to achieve a fast and efficient solution. This avoids unnecessary to-ing and fro-ing between organisations and ensures any problems are dealt with efficiently and professionally.

Underfloor Heating Pipe Layout

The correct design of an underfloor heating system is absolutely vital to ensure your floor heating requirements are realised. At Ice Energy we have a dedicated team of underfloor heating specialists who, using their vast experience can design and specify the correct floor heating system for you.

We will provide you with bespoke CAD design drawings detailing your individual floor heating pipe layout so any areas of additional heat loss will be identified at an early stage. The drawings are colour coded and encapsulated to suit site conditions.

Because of our many years of experience with heat pumps, one of the additional advantages of underfloor heating from Ice Energy is that we can ensure both systems ideally complement each other providing you with the best return on your investment in renewable energy systems.

Underfloor Heating System Types

Screed System

Insulation boards are placed on top of a ground bearing slab, block and beam or concrete floor. The under floor heating pipework is then fixed onto the insulation using the supplied cliprail and clips. A final layer of concrete / screed will then be poured over the pipework.  Alternatively to the standard cliprail and clips, A142 builders mesh (supplied by others) can be laid onto the insulation allowing the pipe to be secured in position using the supplied cable ties. 

Pug System

This is typically used where a mechanical fixing is required for a timber floor finish. Timber/battens are fixed at 400mm centres throughout the property. Insulation boards are then placed in between each timber/batten. Pipework is then fixed onto the insulation using the supplied cliprail and clips. A layer of concrete / screed is then poured over the pipework.

Plate System

This system is typically designed for houses where there are suspended joists at 400mm centres. Aluminium plates are fixed to the top of the joists using staples/nails. Pipework is then laid within the plate which will spread the heat across the floor covering above. Insulation boards must be cut and fixed directly beneath the plate to prevent any downward heat loss. In some instances the Joists cannot be notched or the joists are not at 400mm centres, if this is the case a cross battened plate system can be installed. A 20mm timber batten is fixed at 90 degrees to the existing joists, the plates are then fixed to the battens. 

Underfloor Heating Installation

At Ice Energy we have been installing underfloor heating systems since 2008 and in that time have installed more floor heating systems connected to heat pumps than any other company in the UK. Our dedicated installation engineers provide a nationwide service so wherever you are in the UK you can benefit from our combined heat pump and underfloor heating service. 

Underfloor Heating Warranty

Our underfloor heating systems use PEX pipe that enjoys a 25 year product replacement warranty as standard and the system components have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty providing you with the peace of mind that the floor heating product you are choosing is backed by industry recognised guarantees and warranty terms.


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