Renewable Energy from Ice Energy

The Department for Energy & Climate Change has confirmed owners of heat pumps can now benefit from thousands of pounds in additional annual income by installing heat pumps. The RHI will pay you for the renewable heat your system generates over the next 7 years and by ordering now you can guarantee your tax-free payments!  Read more…

In 2010 Prime Minister David Cameron pledged the coalition administration would be "the greenest government ever." To support this pledge, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was confirmed in the Comprehensive Spending Review and just two days later Mr. Cameron visited Ice Energy, the UK's leading renewable energy heating company.

As we prepare for the final details of the RHI to be released this summer, you have the unique opportunity to be part of the generation which made a real difference on climate change while making significant savings on your running costs and securing additional income from renewable energy technologies including heat pumps and Solar PV.

Don't waste this opportunity; call us now on 0808 145 2340 and join the renewable energy revolution.

Renewable Energy from Ice Energy

Having had the vision and foresight to pioneer the introduction of Ground Source Heat Pumps into the UK market over a decade ago, Ice Energy is now firmly established as the UK’s leading renewable energy heating company. To date, we have installed over 6,000 Heat Pumps across a range of new-build and retrofit projects, which is more than all of our competitors combined. As we have grown, we have invested in alternative renewable energy technology by extending our impressive product range, which now includes Air Source Heat PumpsSolar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) and Underfloor Heating systems. We choose only the best performing brands, such is our focus on customer service.

We aim to revolutionise the way that people think about heating their homes, by providing real alternatives to traditional heating methods. Our vision is to help customers break free from the economic shackles of their energy demands by eradicating fuel poverty and providing a cleaner, healthier and more financially stable lifestyle for them and their families. 

Our commitment to renewable energy has also spurred political interest, so much so that Prime Minister David Cameron visited Ice Energy to see for himself the work we are doing.

Renewable Energy from Ice Energy - The Facts

We know people remain sceptical of renewable energy but the facts are as simple as they are irrefutable. By installing renewable energy products in your home you can future-proof yourself against continued, rising energy prices to help avoid the growing issue of fuel poverty.

Reduce your running costs

Because of their vastly superior efficiency over traditional boiler systems, Heat Pumps can reduce your running costs by over 60% and are a proven, safer, cleaner and truly viable alternative to dangerous and dwindling fossil fuel supplies.

Generate Income

Renewable energy systems can not only save you money, they can also supplement your income via initiatives such as the Feed-in-Tariff and the forthcoming Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which provide financial reward directly to you, for your foresight in adopting renewable energy.

Invest for the future

The use of renewable energy benefits both you and the environment. This is an investment for the future of your children and your children’s children. Investing in a renewable energy system from Ice Energy will not only provide long term peace of mind, but a lifetime of savings.

Renewable Energy from Ice Energy - The Power to Choose

There has never been a better time to benefit from renewable energy and be part of a revolution which will change the face of the energy market in the next 10 years. Our mix of experience, expertise and professionalism combined with a market-leading product range, enables Ice Energy to give you the opportunity to confidently embrace that change, and not let this golden opportunity pass you by.


We have calculated that the amount of CO2 emissions saved by our installed base of renewables is: